Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Malware, Phishing, Man-in-the-Middle, SQL Injection…although these would be sweet band names, these are just a few of the tricky ways computers are being hacked into and data breached. The computer world is complicated and making sure your business stays protected is a full-time job. Focus on running the business and we’ll help you float through cyberspace with ease.

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Cyber Insurance

The benefits of allowing us to fight your cyber risk

Protects your information 

Virtually every business has data on clients and employees who don’t just value their privacy, but want to protect and maintain it.

Protects your time and money

Viruses, fraud, phishing, ransomware, and other cyber-attacks will hit your wallet—amounting to thousands in recovery costs and the time it takes to complete recovery processes.

Protects you against liabilities 

With digital privacy laws in place to protect individuals and networks, insufficient systems security can lead to expensive litigation.

Coverage details and availability can vary by province. If available, select your region below to view coverage details.

Coverage Details

Helps you notify affected individuals following a breach of personal information

  • Protects you against damage to electronic data and computer systems from a cyber crime and malware
  • Helps you comply with data breach laws and requirements
  • Offers services to affected individuals
  • Pays for defense and liability costs for actions brought by affected individuals

Cyber coverage is an optional coverage that can be added to our business insurance products.

Insures you against: 

  • Data compromises
  • Cyber attacks

Optional Coverage

Cyber insurance is an optional coverage that can be added to our business insurance products, like our Business Package or a Custom Commercial Policy! See all of our Commercial Insurance Products here

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Cyber Insurance FAQs

Do you need cyber security insurance for your small business in Saskatchewan?

While Cyber Security Insurance is not mandated by law to have for any business, the hackers out there are increasing their quality and quantity of attacks each day. By having Cyber Insurance to protect your data and information, it can help give you that ultimate peace of mind.

Should you add cyber coverage to your commercial insurance policy?

If your business’ operations involve employees using company-provided devices, open or shared networks, or private data being stored digitally, do not underestimate the importance of having Cyber Insurance added to your Commercial Insurance policy.

Can I make my own custom commercial insurance package that includes cyber risk?

CyberOne and Data Compromise are optional coverages that can be added on to any Customized Commercial Insurance policy to protect you and your business against cyber risks and attacks.