Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Pack mules had back supporting saddles, carrier pigeons had teeny tiny vests—when your job calls for transportation, you deserve protection. If you’re transporting tools, equipment, people, or your four-disc Nickelback collection for business purposes, this is a policy for you.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

The benefit of insuring your automotive co-worker with us

Protects your ride

Enough said! This coverage protects the value of your asset.

Protects your time and income

If something goes wrong with your vehicle and you need a replacement to keep working, we’ve got you covered.

Protects you and your operation

Protecting the liability your business faces, property damage, or injury to a person.

Coverage details and availability can vary by province. If available, select your region below to view coverage details.

Coverage Details

Every vehicle licensed in Saskatchewan has basic coverage required by the government. Though minimum amounts of insurance are legislated, they don’t often provide adequate coverage. That’s why we provide thorough commercial vehicle coverage options.

  • Collision/Upset - Reduced deductible options.
  • Comprehensive - Reduced deductible options. 
  • Road Hazard Glass
  • Third-Party Liability limits up to $5,000,000 available - Family protection coverage, accident benefits, non-owned car coverage.

Optional Coverage

  • Replacement Cost/ Value Plus

    Preserve the value of your new vehicle against depreciation or rising repair costs, in the event your commercial vehicle is damaged or stolen.
  • Loss of Use

    If your vehicle is damaged or stolen, we will help keep you on the road by paying the cost to rent a vehicle while yours is being repaired or replaced.
  • Road Hazard Glass

    Pays for windshield damage such as stone chips or cracks to keep your windshield looking new.
  • Excess Value

    If the value of your vehicle exceeds the amount of coverage provided by the government insurance, you can purchase additional coverage.

Additional Info

While you’re here protecting your commercial car, Sandbox offers coverage for your business such as commercial insurance and contractors’ insurance.

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Commercial Vehicle Insurance FAQs

What classifies as a commercial vehicle in Saskatchewan?

If a business registers a vehicle for commercial or fleet use and it's utilized for work purposes, it earns the designation of a commercial vehicle. This applies to all sorts of vehicles, including but not limited to cars, vans, and trucks.

Why should I get auto insurance for commercial vehicles?

Not only is it a legal requirement, but commercial vehicle insurance can also provide crucial protection for both your business and your employees, especially the driver of the vehicle. If your commercial vehicle is involved in an accident, you could be held liable for any damages or injuries that result.Sandbox also provides optional coverage listed above that can protect you from extra costs that are incurred as you get back on the road. Talk to an insurance broker for a quote! 

What is the difference between personal and business car insurance?

Similar to personal car insurance, commercial vehicle insurance provides coverage for liability, collision, and comprehensive coverage. But unlike your personal auto coverage, commercial car insurance covers all employees who may be driving the vehicle.