Tenant Insurance

Tenant Insurance

Your home may not belong to you, but everything inside it does and that adds up to a lot of stuff. From the mat at your front door, to all the way under the bathroom sink, make sure your personal property and belongings are covered.

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Tenant Insurance

The benefits of protecting your goods and knickknacks

Protects your belongings

Like we said, that new velvet couch needs protecting. Tenant insurance coverage will insure the contents in your apartment.

Protects your wallet

Should you happen to have to pay for lodging costs or food after an insured incident, we’ll be there to help.

Protects your interest

We offer liability coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and your premises.

Coverage details and availability can vary by province. If available, select your region below to view coverage details.

Coverage Details

Protect your contents with a variety of coverage, limits, and deductible options

  • You can insure just a few perils or opt for a well-rounded policy
  • Multiple deductible options
  • Additional living expenses
  • Upgrades you’ve made to your rental

Optional Coverage

  • Sewer Backup

    Sewer Backup coverage takes care of losses stemming from the backup of toilets, drains, sumps, and other outflow fixtures. Sewer Backup coverage also protects you from storm-related events causing your sewer system to backup.
  • Jewelry, Fine Arts, and Hearing Aids
  • Boats & Boat Motors

Additional Info

Are you a landlord and looking to protect your rental property? We have insurance for that, too! 

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Tenant Insurance FAQs

Do you need renter’s insurance in Saskatchewan?

While you are not required by law to have Tenant Insurance in Saskatchewan, sometimes what can go wrong, will. It’s essential to protect you and your belongings from the worst-case scenario, and some property management and landlords may require it in order for you to live on the property. 

Where can I get a tenant insurance quote in Saskatchewan?

Obtaining a quote for Tenant Insurance is delightfully simple! Find a Sandbox Mutual Insurance Broker closest to you on our Broker Map.

What is tenant liability insurance?

This is a coverage for any damage that was caused by the tenant unintentionally to property owned by the landlord.