Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Your home isn’t just the single largest purchase of your life—it’s where your life happens. Some might even say it’s where you live, laugh, and love. To protect your nights of pizza and Netflix, hockey and brews, hibernating away from blizzards, you’ve got to keep your digs protected.

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Home Insurance

The benefits of insuring your home with us

Protects the roof over your head

This coverage insures your home and detached structures. You may not have guessed, but this can also include swimming pools or outdoor hot tubs on your premises.

Protects your belongings

Enough said. This coverage insures the contents in your home. As a bonus, items usually kept at your home that are temporarily removed, anywhere in the world, are covered.

Protects your interest

Offering liability coverage for bodily injury, property damage, and premises.

Coverage details and availability can vary by province. If available, select your region below to view coverage details.

Coverage Details

There are a variety of coverage and deductible options available to protect your home and the contents inside.

  • Variety of coverage options from Comprehensive to Named perils, for building & contents
  • Multiple deductible options
  • Detached Private Structures
  • Additional Living Expense
  • We can insure your primary home even if you have a rental suite in it.
  • We can add coverage for your jewelry, boats, fine arts, hearing aids, and sports equipment.

Optional Coverage

  • Home Systems Protection

    From heating and cooling to appliances and security systems, Home Systems Protection covers equipment not covered under Home Insurance.
  • Service Line

    Service lines buried underground on your property are your responsibility. Don’t let unexpected service problems ruin your vacation plans. Service Line coverage protects you and your bank account from costly repairs.
  • Sewer Backup

    Sewer Backup coverage takes care of losses stemming from the backup of toilets, drains, sumps, and other outflow fixtures. Sewer Backup coverage also protects you from storm-related events causing your sewer system to backup.
  • Comprehensive Water Coverage 

    Today flooding is a concern so protect your home and property from damage when a torrential rainstorm causes the water to enter your window well, ruining your newly developed basement. Comprehensive water also includes sewer backup coverage.
  • Fire Department Charges
  • Glass Deductible Buy-Down

    Reduce your deductible for glass breakage to $50 (SK & MB) or $100 (AB) instead of being subject to your policy deductible.
  • Jewelry, Fine Arts & Hearing Aids
  • Boats & Boat Motors