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Into sustainable farming? That’s really awesome. If you’ve got a hobby farm or acreage, we’ve got your back (also your livestock’s backs, also your produce’s..)

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The benefits of insuring your hobby farm with us

Protect your lifestyle

Your machinery, sustainable inputs and output, and property for all that you do and use.

Protect you and your farm animals

Whether it be your livestock, or liability plus enhancements.

Protect your farm structures

Home, farm property, or outbuildings—we got all that.

Coverage details and availability can vary by province. If available, select your region below to view coverage details.

Coverage Details

Sure, it’s called a “hobby” farm. But we both know it’s more than that. The Farm Lifestyle Box is designed for acreage/hobby farms located outside city/town limits not exceeding 160 acres, where the primary use of your land is for personal consumption and/or raising of farm animals for personal purposes.

Optional Coverage

  • Homeowners and all other farm property coverages including outbuildings and livestock can be added.
  • Note other boxes like Business and Buzz cannot be added.

Additional Info

All included coverage within the box can be increased beyond minimum limits subject to applicable premium and/or deductible discounts. Please note, the Lifestyle Livestock Endorsement Extension cannot be increased. Elevate that small farm insurance coverage today!

Sandbox offers specialized coverage for Farm Production InsuranceFarm Equipment Insurance, and Farm Property Insurance. See all our Farm Insurance Products here.

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Hobby Farm Insurance FAQs

Is my small family farm considered a hobby farm?

As long as the farm or acreage isn’t bigger than 160 acres and the primary use of your land is for raising livestock or growing produce for personal use, it’s eee iii eee ii insured and considered a hobby farm.

If I don’t have livestock, do I still qualify for hobby farm insurance?

You got it! The Farm Lifestyle Box covers your machinery, property, and inputs and outputs no matter if they’ve got two eyes or not.

What are my liability limits under a hobby farm insurance policy in Saskatchewan?

In the Farm Lifestyle Box, you get minimum included limits of $2,000,000 of Farmer’s Comprehensive Liability, $50,000 of Equipment Protection, $25,000 of Production Protection, $50,000 of Property Protection, and the Farm Policy Enhancement Endorsement.