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Is your family or commercial farm over 160 acres? We can cover your property, production, and equipment with just one bundle. So go on, put all those eggs in one basket!

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The benefits of protecting your farm with us

Protect your farm

Your machinery, inputs and output, and property for all that you do and use.

Protect your business

Whether it be loss of income, extra expense,  or liability plus enhancements.

Coverage details and availability can vary by province. If available, select your region below to view coverage details.

Coverage Details

The Farm Business Box is designed for risks that are actively farming with over 160 acres of land for grain and/or livestock and/or mixed farming operations such as poultry or dairy.

Optional Coverage

  • Homeowners and all other farm property coverages including outbuildings and livestock can be added.
  • Hobby Farm Insurance and Beekeeping Insurance cannot be added.

Additional Info

  • All included coverage within the farm box can be increased beyond minimum limits subject to applicable premium and/or deductible discounts. Upgrade your coverage today! 

Sandbox offers specialized coverage for Farm Production Insurance, Farm Equipment Insurance and Farm Property Insurance. See all our Farm Insurance Products here.

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Commercial Farm Insurance FAQs

How much is farm insurance in Saskatchewan?

The cost of farm insurance in Saskatchewan will vary depending on factors such as your equipment, number of properties, the extent of your farm operations, optional coverages added, and limits of insurance. A broker can give you a free quote on the exact price to insure your commercial farm. 

What is covered in the Farm Business Box?

The Farm Business Box includes farmer’s comprehensive liability, equipment insurance, production insurance, property insurance, blanket earnings and extra expense and farm policy enhancement endorsement. Beekeeping insurance, outbuildings and livestock coverages can all be added on.

Does my home insurance policy cover my farm in Saskatchewan?

No, your home insurance policy will not cover your farming operations even if you only have a hobby farm. 

Does Sandbox offer crop insurance in Saskatchewan?

Sandbox does not currently offer crop insurance coverages in Saskatchewan.