Out-of-the-Sandbox Coverage: Surprising Inclusions with Sandbox Mutual Insurance

Being familiar with your insurance policy and all its coverages is one thing; understanding its limitations can be another. When you’re not an insurance expert, it can be difficult to know what’s covered—and what’s not—under a policy. Even as masters in all things insurance, we’ve had our own set of surprises over the past 115+ years. Here are some things that are covered under a Sandbox insurance policy that brokers and insureds wouldn’t normally expect:


At Sandbox, we consider sudden, accidental situations. But what constitutes an accident? Let’s go through some real-life examples and discuss.

The Murphy family went ice fishing too early in the season and decided to cruise on the lake with their ATV, truck, and snowmobile. Since the ice was too thin, their machines went through the lake… Now what? These oversights can cost the Murphys big time, but with Sandbox, it can be covered.

Or how about painting the house? Mrs. Murphy decided to revamp her home’s interior with a new paint job. When she was in the middle of a section, her landline started to ring with a call she had been waiting for, and in the rush of it all, she got paint all over the new carpet running to grab it. Since carpet is covered under her Home Insurance policy, Sandbox can assess this, too. So, whether it’s paint or bleach spots on floors, carpet, or even all the way down the stairs—it can be dealt with by us.


Hail, wind, rain—we’ve seen it all over the last century. There have been certain things that make Sandbox stand out in the industry when it comes to mischievous weather.

Imagine this—your roof throws a little winter party with ice and snow, and suddenly water decides to join in. Luckily, we’re known for our ice damming on rental properties. In Canada, we are one of the only companies that will write ice damming on rentals as part of a named peril. What does this mean for you? As it’s part of our insured perils under a F&EC Rental Insurance policy, you are insured against direct loss or damage to your personal property if it’s been caused by water that enters your building through the roof. Water must accumulate on the exterior of a roof or eavestrough due to ice or snow accumulation, and this peril excludes continuous or repeated water seepage or leakage. 

While we’re on the topic of a leaky roof, if you don’t have an aperture, Sandbox will cover interior damage if you’re under a comprehensive homeowner’s policy. While this mainly only goes for the first time, it can happen often. Having an aperture can be handy, but with Sandbox, we’re not putting all our eggs in the aperture basket—we’ve got a few more helpful tricks up our sleeves than that.

Another suggestion from us would be to install alarm systems in your sewer and drainage system instead of relying on back-water valves. If back-water valves are not maintained on a regular basis, they will not stop a back-up, but an alarm system will be your eyes and ears if something goes awry. Don’t be the one learning this lesson the hard way—trust us, it’s a class you’d rather skip.

Broken tree from storm


Murphy's town has been hit by many storms, and now he's dealing with a water break. To save some money, Mr. Murphy decides to do the cleanup himself, as he is a handyman in this area. Something you might not expect from us is that we will give compensation, in some cases, for labour. If Mr. Murphy is going to spend hours of his time cleaning up water from a break, it saves us time trying to find specialists to do the job. In this scenario, we would compensate Mr. Murphy for his time or waive his deductible, depending on costs. We have leniency to a degree so that we can make crucial judgment calls. 

If certain people are more perceptible to risks than others, we can go the extra mile and figure out a way to prevent further losses. Consider this policyholder story: the Murphy family had two sewer backups in a basement that was just bare walls. Not only did Sandbox replace the furnace, but we went the extra mile and lifted the furnace and water heater on a concrete pad and pedestal. Why? In the event of a third sewer backup—which is highly likely—the water won’t touch the furnace or water heater. We do this to not only be lenient and discretionary, but to help our insureds, like the Murphys. These home gadgets are like VIPs to us—Very Important Pricy stuff! When they demand a full-on makeover or some high-level spa treatment, we're your wallet's sidekick.


Guess what shocks our policyholders? When you're adding that extra pizzazz or giving your humble abode a snazzy upgrade, and the bill hits the $10,000 mark, it's time for a change to your home insurance policy. We hate seeing a renovation or addition you worked so hard on become a loss, so be sure to contact your broker for everything you need to do when you’re doing a project of this scale.

Home renovation


This one tends to catch our insureds by surprise every time! If we’re in a subrogation or recovery case against another party and we’re successful, we’re only able to recover the actual cash value (ACV). While the law may play it by the percentage rule when it comes to recovering ACV, Sandbox flips the script and goes all-in. We're not just stopping at the percentage game—we're the high rollers who hand you back a full 100% of your deductible. That’s right! By law, we only must prorate it based on the amount of recovery we get, but who doesn’t love the feeling of getting a big cheque in the mail? We choose to refund the full 100%, and we are proudly the only ones who do this. Now that’s sand-tastic!


Did you know that trading and collectible cards, comic books, and sports memorabilia can be insured up to $2,500 in all, but not exceeding $200 on any one item? Most people don’t. When it comes to collectibles, we’ve seen it all. You name it! A commercial-grade car hoist for a rare, antique car? Yes. Signed and sealed professional hockey jerseys? Yes. Three moose, four beavers, a warm poutine, and a loonie? No, not that. If you have a special item in your home or collect several, and the value can be appraised at a higher price, it has to be added to your policy to have optimal coverage. Even having photos of the items with good descriptions can help appraisers get an idea on their price points. So before you sign the dotted line on your policy, get those collectibles appraised and accounted for.


At Sandbox, we put our boots in the sand, whether it’s going up on a roof to assess storm damage or inspecting a new space for potential risks. We want to help you on-site with your claims, be your source for questions, and provide direction when it comes to next steps and loss control. If we can have an adjuster attend your claim if conditions are safe, we will. By having us assess your claim physically, you get the ultimate reassurance that your claim is handled. Your claim matters to us, and we aim to make things as delightfully simple as possible for you.

At Sandbox, we've crafted policies that aim to simplify the insurance experience for our policyholders and brokers. While each claim is unique, our commitment remains consistent: to provide exceptional coverage, (sometimes unexpected) solutions, and unwavering support. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we stand ready to protect you in ways you might not have imagined.