Winter-Ready and Insured: Protecting Your Cabin Haven Inside and Out

Many people consider the end of September to be the end of their cottage and lake season. With the end of the season looming, many cabin-goers focus on wrapping up seasonal projects and winterizing their cottage. Don’t let this process linger, we’re here to help! Here’s a quick list of things you should check on at the end of the season to avoid potential losses:

1. Prevent plumbing from freezing and bursting. 
We recommend turning off the main water supply, draining all the supply lines, emptying toilet water tanks, and draining your hot water heater and switching it "off.”

2. Unplug as much as you can.
Appliances, electronics, and flipping off unnecessary breakers can hault fires from starting.

3. Don’t invite in unwanted guests.
Mice, squirrels, and other rodents look for somewhere warm to live when the temperatures decrease in the fall. This is why it’s important not to leave any food or trash behind and to seal any holes where they can enter your space.

4. Clean your indoor and outdoor spaces.
While this may seem like common knowledge to deep clean, many forget to clear debris away from their exterior dryer vents, windows, air conditioning units, and gutters.

5. Unfortunately, when fewer people are around, burglary and theft rates can rise.
Take important belongings home with you, and don’t leave anything outside that can grow legs and walk away.

Person breaking and entering a home

6. Lock everything up, and you’re done!

While you can follow all these tips to make sure your cabin is summer-ready for next year, the only way you can ensure total protection is with cabin insurance. Cabin insurance with Sandbox is delightfully simple and provides coverage for the building, contents, premise liability, detached private structures (boathouses, boat lifts, docks, bunk houses), and optional coverage additions. Learn more about how you can protect your home away from home on our Cabin & Cottage Insurance page.