4 Space Heater Safety Tips

As the weather continues to cool down, many people use space heaters to stay warm during the winter. However, using a space heater increases the risk of a house fire, especially when safety precautions are not taken.

According to NFPA, space heaters are involved in 81% of fatal house fires caused by heating equipment. More than half of these incidents occur in the month of January!

Here are some tips to help prevent a house fire due to a space heater.

  1. Make sure the space heater you are using is safe to begin with. When purchasing a new space heater:
  • Consider safety features like automatic shut off, overheat protection, and tip over protection.
  • Make sure the particular model is listed with a nationally recognized testing laboratory.
  1. Space heaters are meant for temporary use, not as a permanent heating fixture or appliance. The single most effective action you can take is to turn it off when leaving the room or going to bed.
  2. Plug your heater directly into an outlet in the wall rather than using an extension cord or power bar.
  3. Keep a minimum of 3 feet clearance from the heater to any combustible material.

Following these tips will significantly lower your risk of a fire due to a space heater, but still, accidents can happen. Don’t forget to insure your property with a Sandbox insurance policy!