Why and How to Shut Your Water off When You Leave Home

Are you headed on vacation this year?

Maybe you’ve already made your packing list and arranged a kennel for Fido in preparation for the big trip. You’ve thought of everything, right? Well, there may be one more item to add to your list of things to do before you go.

Whether it’s a 2-week trip to Mexico or even a weekend ice fishing getaway, you’ll want to shut your main water supply off before you leave.

It is advised that you shut your water off if you’re going to be away from your home for 24 hours or longer. This may not seem like very long, but keep in mind that even a small leak will not shut itself off and will continue the entire time you are gone, leading to extensive water damage.

Shutting off your water only takes a minute to do and can ensure your return is a lot less stress free. So relax and enjoy that time away from home! Here’s how to shut off your home’s main water supply:

  1. Locate the main water supply line to your house, and the main shut-off valve. This will generally be near your water meter. If you cannot locate your water shut off, reach out to your plumber.
  2. If the valve has a tap or knob style handle turn it clockwise. If the valve has a lever-style handle, turn it clockwise or whichever direction the “off” arrow points.
  3. Turn on the closest tap and let it run until you can confirm the water is shut off.
Water Valve

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