What Is Loss Control, and How Does It Benefit My Home, Farm, or Business?

In risk management, loss control aims to reduce the probability of losses occurring or to minimize the damage, if one were to occur.

How does it work?

At Sandbox Mutual Insurance, once we gather all the necessary information, we’ll arrange a time for a loss control consultant to evaluate the property and offer their recommendations. This on-site survey involves taking measurements, capturing photos, conducting thermal imaging scans, and making notes of deficiencies that may lead to potential loss in the future. Once we gather all the necessary information, we’ll work with our Sandbox team to provide you with the right tools and solutions.

What are the benefits of having a loss control survey or consultation?

Loss control has many advantages when it comes to preventing losses in your home, farm, or workplace. 

1. Reducing claims.
Being made aware of deficiencies in your property or business operations that could lead to a loss, saving you the hassle of making a claim. 

2. Lowering premiums.
By reducing the number and severity of claims, the amount of premium that needs to be charged can be reduced.

3. Better underwriting.
Helps provide our underwriters and brokers with the information needed to ensure your insurance policy is accurate and adequately covering your needs.

4. Knowledge of emergency procedures.
Being able to plan guidelines or determine restricted areas accordingly after the loss control survey can keep everyone safe in the case of a fire or other emergency. 

5. Learn from it!
A loss control survey can provide opportunities and loss prevention ideas on how you can improve your home, farm, or business to make it safer, more efficient for everyone, and more!

These are only a few of the ways loss control is advantageous to your farm, business, or home. There is simply no downside to having a loss control survey administered for your property, whether you’re a first-time or experienced homebuyer or business owner. Contact the Sandbox Mutual Insurance team to learn more about how we’re making waves in the loss control industry!