Murphy's Roof Repair Gone Wrong

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to be going wrong? For the Murphys, this is a common occurrence. They firmly believe that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong—especially for them. Let us tell you more, based on a true story from a real Sandbox policyholder.

The Murphy's house was hit by a storm and had a wind damage claim to the shingles, which was covered by their insurance from Sandbox Mutual Insurance. However, while inspecting the damage, it was discovered that there was some rotting roof deck that had to be replaced. Unfortunately, this repair was not covered by insurance. Being the resourceful man that he is, Mr. Murphy decided to do the work himself. "What else could possibly go wrong?" he thought.

While hauling the plywood onto the roof to fix the roof deck, Mr. Murphy was hit with a large gust of wind. The wind caught the plywood and lifted it like a kite, dropping it off the roof and onto his neighbour's car. As you can imagine, this caused quite a commotion. Not only did Mr. Murphy have to deal with the damage to his own property, but now he had to put in a new liability claim for the damage to his neighbour's car.

Thankfully, Sandbox Mutual Insurance also covered the damage to his neighbour's car. Despite the mishap, the Murphys were able to get their repairs done and their property back in order.

The Murphys story is a perfect example of how things can go wrong even when you have taken the necessary precautions. It's a reminder to always be prepared for the unexpected and have adequate insurance coverage!