The Murphys’ Homeownership Woes

When you’re the Murphys, things… tend to go wrong. A lot. You might even say that for this poor family, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Kinda liiike, Murphy’s Law! Good thing they have all kinds of property insurance from Sandbox Mutual Insurance.

Mr. and Mrs. Murphy own a lovely home on a lovely street, surrounded by all the trappings of a beautiful domestic life. They have a cozy fireplace, a well-manicured lawn, and the all-too-familiar white picket fence. Unfortunately, their home is also surrounded by… weather. And wouldn’t you know it, one fine spring day, a random lightning bolt came out of nowhere to strike the fireplace of their home, resulting in significant damage to both the exterior and interior. The roof was charred, the walls were scorched, and the living room was left in smoky disarray. Thankfully, they have home insurance through Sandbox Mutual Insurance, so they’re fully covered for “Acts of God” (even when the weather forecast shows nothing but sun, and the surrounding homes were just fine). 

“Not to worry!” Mrs. Murphy said as she made plans for them to stay at their cottage residence. She was picturing serene lakeside mornings and peaceful evenings under the stars while the roof work was getting done. Sadly, upon arriving at their cottage they noticed their neighbour’s boat had crashed directly into their cabin living room. “How does that even happen?” Asked Mrs. Murphy, bewildered. The majestic lake view was now a bit less majestic, marred by the sight of a boat hull sticking through their wall. Needless to say, their cottage was in rough shape. But, that’s why they have cabin & cottage insurance from Sandbox Mutual Insurance, to protect their investment from unforeseen circumstances. Whether they’re facing a neighbour's boating mishap or a fallen tree, this policy ensures their cozy retreat can be restored to its former glory.

“Hmm... maybe we should check on our condo tenants?” Thought Mr. Murphy, as things seemed to be going downhill fast in their property-ownership lives. 

The Murphys also own a small condo in the city that they rent out during the summer to students. Despite their usual very bad luck, all of their tenants have been lovely and their condo has been looked after with care. Buuuuuut, this time, upon calling them, they were greeted with a very strange voice on the other side of the phone. They quickly realized that their condo had been broken into by aliens, what a day!

“Unfortunate!” said Mr. Murphy, and upon exploring the condo, saw that the strange if well-meaning aliens had not only broken in but completely taken over the interior of the space, throwing fun alien parties and covering most of the belongings inside with sticky, green alien goo.

The once neat and tidy condo now resembled a sci-fi, party movie scene, complete with weird alien dancing, beep-boopy music, alien pin-the-tail-on-the-human, and awkward alien small talk. Luckily, the Murphys have landlord insurance from Sandbox Mutual Insurance for just such a common occurrence, and even MORE luckily, their tenants (who were away for the weekend when the aliens arrived) have tenant insurance, so all of their valuables can be de-goo-ified without breaking the bank. Their coverage includes everything from replacing a sticky TV to covering the loss of precious goo-covered heirlooms, ensuring peace-of-mind protection from otherworldly events.

“Nice spot you’ve got here!” said one alien in alien-speak.

“...thanks! We, uh, like it too” said Mrs. Murphy, remaining calm despite the extraordinarily bizarre circumstances. 

“Cake pop?” the alien said, offering her a freshly alien-baked, bright-green treat. 

“Why, don’t mind if I do!” said Mrs. Murphy. “Not bad,” she said, as the pop turned her teeth a radioactive shade of teal.

Deciding that fate simply wasn’t on their side and that today wasn’t their day, the Murphys treated themselves to a nice hotel for the evening. They chose a charming B&B, free from lightning and boats and aliens, hoping for a quiet night away from all the chaos. Obviously a myriad of bizarre issues took place in the room that could only happen to a family like The Murphys, but they did manage to get some sleep safely away from their property woes. Meanwhile, the good folks at Sandbox did what we do best — creating simple solutions for policyholders on some of their worst (or just weirdest) days with our comprehensive property coverage. 

Even if your luck is a bit better than our friends the Murphys (and we certainly hope it is), having property insurance in place like home, landlord, tenant, or cabin & cottage keeps you protected from life’s unexpected (and somewhat unbelievable) moments. From big unlikely disasters to everyday mishaps, Sandbox Mutual Insurance ensures you’re never left in the lurch. Find a broker and get covered in advance! And maybe keep an eye out for flying saucers in Alberta, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.