Communities at Play and a Guide to Playground Safety

After a considerate selection process, our Communities at Play initiative is underway to support and fund four playground projects, making them more safe and educational for children. Congratulations to all the winners and recipients:

— Douglasdale School in Alberta

— Oakbank Elementary School in Manitoba

— Naicam School in Saskatchewan

— Melville Miller Elementary School in Saskatchewan

Our winners highlight the importance of ensuring that the structures on their playgrounds are both safe and accessible for everyone. While having fun at the park is a great way for your kids to burn off some energy, remembering how to keep everyone safe while playing is important, too!

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. Supervise your children while they are using the play structures.
Having a grown-up attend the park with the children each time can also help with the reporting of any dangers, emergencies, or accidents. Some things to look out for that may be deemed unsafe for your child to play on are:

  • Rusted parts
  • Unleveled paths and walkways
  • Missing handrails and guardrails
  • Lack of general maintenance and upkeep
Child playing on new playground

2. Familiarize yourself with potential hazards nearby, whether it’s power lines, construction sites, dangerous surfaces, or even electrical boxes.
Hazards can also include over-crowding of the play structure; you don’t want to cause unnecessary pushing and shoving or potentially lose your kiddos in the crowd.

3. Make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions and the equipment on the playground.
For example, avoid long necklaces and scarves, as they can get caught between objects.

These delightfully simple steps can contribute to an overall better playground experience.

Want more information about the Communities at Play project? Check out our Giving Back page on our website.