Rachel Kehrig

Rachel Kehrig - AVP Marketing

Associate Vice President, Marketing

  1. What does delightfully simple insurance look like to you?
    Delightfully simple insurance is insurance that is there when you need it, and not when you don’t. For me, it means I can live my life knowing I have the coverage I need for my family, without having to spend hours pouring over the details. When I have questions, the answers are easy to find, and when I need to make a claim, all it takes is just a few clicks and then I am on my way to getting back to normal. This is the experience we are working to build for all of Sandbox’s policyholders. 

  2. How is your team focused on simplifying the policyholder experience?
    Everything our team is undertaking is with the customer in mind. And for us, the customer is both the policyholder and our valued brokers. We are continually evolving the policyholders' digital experience to create a seamless flow of information from the policy purchase point to if, and when, a claim is submitted.  We are also working to develop automated systems that streamline the relationship between Sandbox and our brokers, reducing turn-around timelines and creating efficiencies for both policyholders and brokers. 

  3. What excites you for the future? 
    When I look to the future, I am excited about being able to meet our customers where they are at. To be able to offer digital, real-time solutions that help meet the evolving needs of our policyholders, and to be able to change the perception of insurance from being complex and burdensome to delightfully simple.