Pam Gaddess

BComm, CIP
Pam Gaddess - VP Human Resources

Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Compliance Officer

  1. What does delightfully simple insurance look like to you?
    Delightfully simple insurance is having the entire insurance experience serviced quickly, digitally, and conveniently. It’s being able to count on seamless, engaging, and personalized experiences. The convenience and speed to purchase a policy, as well as the ability to easily understand my coverage, manage my policies and track my claims 24-7 is important. When life is already stressful, it’s also having comfort knowing my insurance provider truly cares about the customer experience and is committed to minimizing stress, time, and effort for its policyholders, especially in a period of crisis.

  2. How is your team focused on simplifying the policyholder experience?
    When we recruit to add new members to our team, cultural fit is an important consideration in the selection process. Hiring people who have values aligned with those of Sandbox is imperative. We are committed to ensuring we welcome individuals to our team who are passionate about the work they do, who are innovative and excited about reimagining and creating digital ready and other business processes that drive superior performance and make the policyholder experience a simple one.

    At Sandbox, we have been dedicating resources to innovation and fostering a workplace culture that supports creativity. It is the strengths and unique ideas of our diverse talent, when combined together, will enable Sandbox to deliver a simplified policyholder experience.

  3.  What excites you for the future?
    At Sandbox, we are committed to keeping pace with advanced technologies which will allow us to enhance and simplify the experience of our brokers and policyholders. In addition to technology, Sandbox is also focused on strengthening its partnerships, people, products, and processes in an effort to offer a great customer experience. Crushing complexity and offering a delightfully simple experience will help ensure Sandbox is an insurer of choice!