Eddie Tettevi

Eddie Tettevi

Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

  1. What does delightfully simple insurance look like to you?
    To me, delightfully simple insurance is an experience, tailored to my level of understanding, that brings me peace of mind. It's being able to trust that my insurance provider understands my needs, informs my choices, and offers me the best value for my investment. It establishes a pleasant relationship that makes me feel valued and supported.
  2. How is your team focused on simplifying the policyholder experience?
    Our team at Sandbox ensures we, as a company, operate in a responsible and ethical manner, that protects your interests. We are intentional about simplifying proactive assessment, treatment and monitoring of risks arising from people, process, technology and data involved in delivering a delightful experience to you. In addition, we creatively explore ways to integrate compliance processes seamlessly into innovative initiatives and customer interactions, so you are never left hanging, digitally or offline.
  3. What excites you for the future?
    Relentlessly pursuing simplicity within a highly regulated industry, along with a community of passionate and talented individuals—for your benefit, is exciting to me! Making it simple will be no easy feat; yet we remain motivated in service to you.