A Delightfully Simple Guide to Snowmobile Insurance

In Saskatchewan, snowmobiling is one of the most popular winter pastimes. Using snowmobiles to get from point A to point B on your ranch, spending quality time with friends, or exploring the great outdoors on your own are some key ways to make memories during the cold season. So let’s face it — when that snow is looking all fluffy and white, you’re not going to think twice before heading out for a ride. This is a common mistake snowmobilers make: waiting until the snow hits the ground to get the right coverage for their ride, or worse, embarking on an adventure without it.

Person snowmobiling in winter with insurance

It is a common misconception that snowmobiles are covered as part of a home insurance policy, when kept in a garage, for example, but this is not the case. You can only receive coverage for a motorized vehicle if you have the unit specifically insured. Snowmobile insurance is the best way to prevent losses and perils from taking the fun out of your ride.

If you’re new to snowmobiling or the snow in general, protecting yourself from harm’s way is essential to having a great time and a safe ride. With delightfully simple snowmobile insurance from Sandbox, you’ll receive coverage for:

  • Collision and upset
  • Comprehensive
  • Specific perils
  • Increased liability limits

When it comes to coverage, did you know that we also offer the opportunity to add optional coverage for underage operator endorsement? This means a person aged 12-15 can be insured when operating a snowmobile vehicle if it’s less than 550 CCs. Some other benefits to insuring your winter ride with Sandbox are that:

A person with snowmobile insurance going for a sunrise drive

We can provide coverage for both licensed and unlicensed snowmobiles.
The plate coverage of some provincial competitors do not provide physical damage coverage (comprehensive or collision), and our policy can!

Learn more about our Snowmobile Insurance in Saskatchewan on our Snowmobile Insurance page, or get in touch with your nearest Sandbox insurance broker.