7 Candle Safety Tips

Candles are used for a variety of purposes, like religious ceremonies, as a source of light when the power goes out, or simply as home décor. Because they are so commonly used, we often don’t give a second thought to the safety risks associated with candles.

According to canada.ca, candles are responsible for nearly 800 fires that cause an average of 8 deaths, 115 fire injuries, and $26.2 million in property damage per year in Canada. Many of these incidents occur during holidays and occasions when candles are commonly used, such as Valentines Day or Christmas.

Luckily there are some easy things you can do to help prevent a house fire due to a candle.

  1. Choose a candle with a sturdy design and make sure it is resting on a solid base that cannot be tipped over.
  2. Before burning, trim candle wicks so they are 1/8 – ¼ inch long. This will prevent the flame from getting too big.
  3. Be extra careful if you have a candle with multiple wicks, especially if the wicks are close together. They can create one large flame, increasing the risk of a fire.
  4. Keep the candle away from young children, pets, and flammable objects.
  5. Do not burn the candle for longer than 4 hours or the time specified on the label.
  6. Most importantly, never leave a burning candle unattended. Extinguish the candle if you’re going to leave the room or go to sleep.
  7. Make sure the room you are burning a candle in has an operational smoke detector.

Following these tips will significantly lower your risk of a fire due to a candle, but still, accidents can happen. Don’t forget to insure your property with a Sandbox insurance policy!