Rented Property Insurance

Landlord Insurance

When it comes to your rental property, you may not live there, but you have the all-important title of “Landlord” and it’s your job to protect it from a dragon (fire) or trebuchet (hail). We’ll be your knight in shining armor so you can go on thy way, knowing your kingdom is protected with landlord insurance.

Landlord Insurance

The benefits of insuring your rental property

Protect your income

Insuring your rental property is a guaranteed option for safeguarding your investment.

Protect your time

Keep it simple by adding your rental property to your existing home insurance policy or have it insured separately.

Protect your budget

Your rental property premium will be discounted if we insure your home or auto (Saskatchewan or Manitoba only). Competitive and affordable premiums and convenient premium payment options ensure your money goes where you really want it.

Coverage details and availability can vary by province. If available, select your region below to view coverage details.

Coverage Details

We can offer coverage on the dwelling, appliances in the home, lost rental income, and premise liability.

  • Your rental insurance policy insures your dwelling and appliances, as well as loss of rent, but it does not cover loss to the personal belonging of your tenant (contents).
  • Protects against potential liability exposures arising from the ownership of your rental property.
  • If your rental property is 35 years old or newer, it may qualify for all risk replacement cost coverage.

Optional Coverage

  • Sewer Backup

    Sewer Backup coverage takes care of losses stemming from the backup of toilets, drains, sumps, and other outflow fixtures. Sewer Backup coverage also protects you from storm-related events causing your sewer system to backup.
  • Home Systems Protection

    From heating and cooling to appliances and security systems, Home Systems Protection covers equipment not covered under Home Insurance.
  • Service Line

    Service lines buried underground on your property are your responsibility. Don’t let unexpected service problems ruin your vacation plans. Service Line coverage protects you and your bank account from costly repairs.
  • Replacement Cost

    Repair or replace the damaged building without deduction for depreciation. 
  • Tenant Vandalism – certain packages only

Additional Info

Sandbox offers specialized coverage for Tenant Insurance and Commercial Insurance. See all our Property Insurance Products here.

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Landlord Insurance FAQs

How much is landlord insurance in Saskatchewan?

The cost of landlord insurance in Saskatchewan will vary depending on factors such location, value and age of your property, optional coverages added, and limits of insurance. A broker can give you a free quote on the exact price to insure your rental property. 

What is the difference between landlord and tenant insurance?

Landlord insurance covers the owner’s property structure (dwelling), appliances in the home, loss of rent, and premise liability. Tenant insurance will cover the renter’s personal property or contents.

Do landlords need insurance for tenants?

There is no coverage for a tenant’s personal belongings or liability under a landlord’s policy. Renters are required to obtain their own tenant insurance policy. 

Do landlords require insurance for tenants?

While it may depend on your rental agreement, many landlords will require renters to have tenant insurance for your protection as well as theirs. It is highly recommended to purchase tenant insurance to ensure your contents are protected.