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Farm Insurance

From the tiniest little seed to the biggest, most expensive equipment, we can protect anything and everything about your farm. We can’t control the weather though …yet.

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Farm Insurance

The benefits of insuring your farm with us

Protect any size of farm

Sandbox has both hobby farmers and large-scale operations in mind. We’ve designed farm insurance “boxes” to take away the guesswork.

Protect your time

With a FarmSecure bundle or box, our policyholders can now have a single payment, a single renewal date, and only need one insurance provider, making the management of your insurance policies easier and more secure.

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Farm Insurance FAQs

How much is farm insurance?

The cost of farm insurance in will vary depending on factors such as your equipment, number of properties, the extent of your farm operations, optional coverages added, and limits of insurance. A broker can give you a free quote on the exact price to insure your farm. 

Does my home insurance policy cover my farm?

No, your home insurance policy will not cover your farming operations even if you only have a hobby farm. 

What is Farmer’s Comprehensive Liability?

Farmer’s Comprehensive Liability is an optional coverage that will cover you if you are responsible for physical injury or property damage to others.