Have feedback?

Every story is unique, and we want to know how your journey with Sandbox is going or went. Spill the beans about your experience with us – good or bad, because your honest feedback is how we evolve to suit your needs better.

Step 1: Reaching out to your broker

This is the easiest way to get heard! They know you best and will help guide you through your feedback

Step 2: Seek additional help

If you have an unresolved concern contact our Customer Experience Team and we’ll personally reach out to help work through your concern.

Step 3: We hope it doesn’t go this far

If your concern remains unresolved please escalate to the Ombudsman’s Office:

  1. Ombudsman - sounds scary huh? Don’t worry, they are there to work with you to investigate complaints and attempt to resolve them. 
  2. The Ombudsman will be in touch within five business days after receiving the submission.

Please escalate to the Ombudsman’s Office by sending an email or submitting a written complaint via snail mail to:

Sandbox Mutual Insurance

250 Willis Crescent
Saskatoon, SK S7T 0V2

Step 4: If you’ve made it this far and still need help, we sincerely apologize.

Please contact these external resources for external assistance: