Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

It’s your travel buddy. Your road-trip maker. Your routine-Sunday-grocery-run partner and escape-from-awkward-work-event saviour. It’s your vehicle! And you want to keep it protected. We can help you there.

Auto Insurance

The benefits of insuring your vehicle with us

Protect your choice

Sandbox auto insurance lets you customize your policy just the way you like it. We have tons of optional coverages and deductibles for you to choose from.

Protect all your vehicles

From your personal car to your work truck, trailer, snowmobile, and everything in between, Sandbox can cover most, if not all, of your vehicles! 

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Auto Insurance FAQs

What are the steps to buying auto insurance?

Bring necessary information such as your driver’s license and vehicle information to your local broker to receive a quote. Choose the coverage and deductible that best suits your needs. Pay the cost of your premium and keep a copy of your documents as proof of insurance in case of a collision. 

If my boat and snowmobile are insured, is my trailer insured with those policies?

Often, trailers are not insured under a boat or snowmobile policy. Don’t make the mistake of assumption and get Trailer Insurance with Sandbox.

What's considered a classic car?

Antique cars are 30 years and older and classic cars are 15 years or older.