Equipment Protection

Equipment Protection

Farm Equipment Insurance

The old combine fire in the middle of harvest? Classic. You can either pull that 1800’s threshing machine out of the bush or you can count on Sandbox to be your lead hand to get you back to work with our farm equipment insurance!

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The benefits of insuring your farm machinery with us:

Protects your assets

Discovering a crucial piece of equipment or machinery that is suddenly out of order is difficult enough without worrying about rental costs or repairs. Make the best of an inconvenience with the reassurance that you have options.

Protects your choice

Cover the value of each piece or combine them all under one blanket value.

Protects your pocket

Don’t get saddled with deprecation! Have your replacement costs covered.

Coverage details and availability can vary by province. If available, select your region below to view coverage details.

Coverage Details

Blanket Limit Coverage for:

  • Harvesting Machinery
  • Non-Harvesting Machinery
  • Temporary Replacement Machinery
  • All Terrain Vehicles for Farm Use
  • Loss of Use - $5,000 limit

Optional Coverage

  • Loss of Use – increase limits
  • Scheduled Machinery
  • Seasonal Machinery
  • Farm Policy Enhancement Endorsement

Additional Info

Sandbox offers coverage for other aspects of your agricultural operation too, like our Production Protection and Property Protection. See all of our Farm Insurance Products here

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Equipment Insurance FAQs

Is it a requirement to insure tractors, harvesters, and other farm machinery in Saskatchewan?

Unlike most vehicles for personal and commercial use, you are not required by law to insure your farm equipment. But keep in mind, your machinery is one of the largest investments you make for your farm, and you want to make sure your farm can keep running in the event of an insured loss. That’s why it’s highly recommended to have farm equipment insurance.

What if I want to insure other things on my farm, not just equipment?

Sandbox offers other coverage including Production Protection and Property Protection. Or, conveniently bundle all three coverages and more into one policy with our Farm Business Box or Farm Lifestyle Box, depending on the size of your farm. 

Is my farm truck covered by Sandbox Farm Equipment Protection?

Vehicles are not included under Farm Equipment Protections and must be insured under a separate policy.